3 Major Component of Starting an Online Store

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As per a report from United Nation Trade and Development Centre, the market of e-commerce or Online Store is of around $22 billion and it is still in progress. That is the reasons why there are lots of entrepreneurs are trying to open their own online store.


People now a day don’t want the headache of going out do some bargaining and then come up with nothing sometime. Even some time you don’t get what you are looking for on traditional shops. People like ease of laying back at home, place order via their device and then wait for it to arrive to them. People are not even concern about what they receive and how large they are paying. Even they buy small things from these online stores and pay an extra delivery charge.


It make it seems like there is a lot of money on the table but the thing is that how you are gonna make that to be on your side of the table. Online stores are pool of gamble, you must know where to put your money and how much and what are the areas those are out of your reach.


Before starting your play in this game you must know these 3 major components that can help you in surviving the play.


Your Area of Service:

You must be aware of the place you are going to serve. One should be aware of the platform they are working on. In beginning make sure you go with an easy area that is easy to set up and use. Start knowing your audience and the area you are working in. There like, dislike, interests and other thing.



Safe and Secure:

All the transaction made by the customer must be in safe. Every details of customer should go through a secure payment gateway to pay their bill. Some of the major credit card and online payments must be supported by your store. Some place like to pay after receiving their product.



Speed and Precision:

People are usually not that patient while buying a product. They just want it to come as soon as possible. A report said 3 to 7 per cent of the orders got canceled due to late delivery date by seller. People want them in 3 to 4 day maximum. For that you should have an efficient and speedy delivery system to reach more customers in less time.


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