About Us

The brand is not just a name; it is a seal of trust. A seal that is built layer by layer that takes a good amount of time. It is the bond between customer and us, and we are glad to tell you we have built that trust.


We HoliPY are an e-commerce website that provides you a vast range of products to our customers. The Company is originally based in Australia but our dreams are not limited in one country. HoliPY is a single wander but multi-national seller company. We cover Coliseum of Rome to Statue of Liberty to Great Wall of China from the city of Opera House.



HoliPY is an idea of HawksCode initiated in 2017. A simple idea started from a seed is now a full grown tree. With our best team that is always here to help you, we are reaching more and more customers.


We are not like other E-commerce websites; we are available 24X7 in your help. HoliPY does not believe in making mistakes, but no one is perfect. We try our best to deliver you what you asked for the same as you see on the site. We accept cards as well as cash for payment of the shipment. Even if you believe in digital cash then we also accept PayPal for secure transactions. HoliPY makes all transaction with secure gateways of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.


Product & Policy

HoliPY runs on the policy of not sharing customer details to the seller or any third party. We respect the privacy of our customers. Same for the seller without their permission we do not disclose details of seller also. For more, you can read our Privacy Policy.


HoliPY deals with the products like beauty, heath, interiors, fashion, gift, electronics, sports. We are with a very large range of products. The Product we are delivering you will make you satisfy with our service.